April 5, 2023

How to Prepare Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

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If you're a homeowner about to put your house on the market, you'll want to ensure it looks its best for potential buyers. A real estate photo shoot is the perfect time to show off your home's best features and make a great impression on buyers.

This blog post will give you tips on preparing your home for a photo shoot. Follow these tips, and you'll be sure to impress potential buyers!

Professional Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography can help to sell a house much more quickly. It's far more effective than just having static picture-less listings; capturing different angles of the property and taking photos highlighting certain features could be the difference between finding a buyer quickly or not.

Further, good real estate photography services accentuate the positives of a property--it can make bland walls look warm and inviting, show off modern updates and enhancements, and give potential buyers an idea of what they'll get if they decide to take the plunge. In short, it's an essential tool in brokers' arsenals because no matter what property you're trying to sell, it pays to show it off as best you can!

Exterior and Interior Photos- How it Gives the Buyer a First Impression of your Home

People often say that you should never judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to houses, first impressions are everything.

A house's exterior and interior photos give the buyer their first impression. If the photos are dark and uninviting, the buyer will feel the same about the place.

However, the buyers will get a better first impression if the photos are bright and welcoming. Interior photos are essential because they give the buyer a feel for the house's layout.

If the interior photos are cluttered and chaotic, the buyer will feel the same about the house. However, the buyer will get a better first impression if the interior photos are clean and well-organized.

How to Prepare Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Clean Everything - This Is Probably the Most Important Step

If there's one thing you should do before any real estate photo shoot, it's to give your house a good deep clean. It means everything from scrubbing the floors and walls to dusting windowsills and washing all of the windows.

Also, be sure to declutter by putting away all toys, clothing, and other items that don't belong in the photo. If you have pets, be sure to vacuum and clean up after them as well. Once your house is spotless, it will look much better in the photos!

Furniture Placement and Styling- Make Your Home Look Inviting

When potential buyers look at photos of your home, they should be immediately drawn in. It means how you arrange furniture and style in the house can make a huge difference.

Put away any unnecessary items and rearrange furniture to create an inviting space. You don't want potential buyers to feel like they're intruding into someone else's home.

Try to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and ensure all furniture looks neat.

Lighting- Making Your Home Look Bright & Airy

Good lighting can open up a room and make it look larger and brighter. Try to turn on all of the lights in each room so that it looks more colourful and inviting.

Opening curtains and blinds will also help brighten a room and add extra lightings, such as lamps or sconces. Lighting is essential to shooting real estate photography, so pay attention to it

Declutter and Organize Your Belongings

Next, take the time to organize and declutter your home. Please get rid of any clutter that may be lying around or put it away in closets or storage.

You want potential buyers to have a good impression of your home, so ensure it looks neat. Also, remember to stage each room with furniture and decorations that will make it look inviting.

Depersonalize Your Home by Removing Family Photos and Personal Items

Lastly, it's important to depersonalize your home by removing family photos and other personal items. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in the space without their memorabilia getting in the way.

By removing these items and ensuring that the house looks neat, you'll create a space that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves in. In addition, it will help your real estate photos stand out and attract potential buyers' interest.

Stage Your Home Using Furniture and Accessories to Make It Look More Appealing

Staging is a crucial step when it comes to real estate photos. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in the home, so you need to make sure that it looks inviting and appealing.

Adding furniture, artwork, rugs, and other accessories can help create a finished look in each room and make your home look more attractive. Also, consider paying attention to details like throw pillows and blankets, as they can help to create a cozy atmosphere.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Finally, addressing any necessary repairs before you take real estate photos is essential. Ensure all the lights are working and the floors and walls look clean and in good condition.

Fixing a leaky faucet or patching a hole in the wall can make a massive difference in how your home looks in the photos. Taking the time to make these minor repairs will help your home look its best in real estate photos.

Check the Lighting in Each Room and Adjust It if Necessary

Good lighting is essential for our well-being; it can make us more productive and boost our mood. Therefore, it's necessary to ensure the lighting in each room of your home or office is sufficient to perform tasks without strain on the eyes.

If not, consider adjusting it according to the activity you plan to carry out there. For example, using natural light where possible and adding additional lamps in darker areas will create warm, inviting atmospheres and drastically improve comfort levels when performing activities such as reading or working on a computer.

Check the lighting in each room and adjust it if necessary for optimal performance!

All Things Considered

When taking real estate photos, it's essential to remember the above impressive real estate photography tips. In addition, decluttering, organizing and staging your home will help to make the images look more appealing and inviting.

Making necessary repairs and paying attention to lighting can also create a great impression of your home. Following these simple steps, you can create beautiful real estate images that help attract potential buyers.


Do professional real estate photographers use special equipment?

Professional real estate photographers use specialized equipment such as wide-angle lenses and tripod stands to capture the best images. They also usually have lighting kits to help create the perfect atmosphere for each photo.

What should I look for in a professional real estate photographer?

When hiring a real estate photographer, looking for someone experienced in taking photos of homes is essential. Look for references or any real estate photography portfolio from previous clients, and ensure the photographer has a good eye for detail.

Is it essential for real estate agents to stage a home before capturing pictures?

Staging a home is essential for a real estate agent when preparing to take pictures. Staging helps to make the house look more inviting and appealing, which can help attract potential buyers.

Is a wide-angle lens necessary for real estate photography?

Yes, wide-angle lenses are essential for capturing the best possible space images. The wider angle allows photographers to capture more details in each image, ensuring no critical features are left out.

It also helps to give potential buyers an accurate picture of what the home looks like.

What does the real estate photography business involve?

The real estate photography business involves taking photos of properties to help attract potential buyers. Professional real estate photographers use specialized equipment such as wide-angle lenses and lighting kits to capture the best images possible.

They will also typically stage a home before taking pictures to ensure it looks its best. Finally, real estate photography jobs are to edit the photos to ensure they are flawless before being presented to clients.

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