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We transform your vacant photos into warm and inviting spaces. So you can sell faster, and for more money.


24-48 hour turnaround


$25 per photo


Unlimited revisions


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When you select the Scandinavian style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with minimalistic and functional furniture.

Scandinavian design focuses on clean, minimalistic, functional décor and furniture. Part of its appeal is its lack of clutter. Every piece has a place.

Scandinavian virtual staging style


When you select the Coastal style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with furniture and décor to create a fresh and light vibe.

Coastal design focuses on nautical accents found in traditional coastal homes. Notable features are shades of blue, pale finishes, and maritime elements/décor.

coastal style furniture

Mid-Century Modern

When you select the Mid-Century Modern style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with functional, simplistic, and clean furniture.

Mid-Century Modern design focuses on clean lines, organic curves, different materials, minimal ornamentation, and uncluttered décor.

mid century modern furniture


When you select the Modern style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with furniture and décor to create a bold and minimalist look.

Modern design focuses on clean lines, use of metal, minimalism, lack of color, and bold accent colors.

modern style furniture


When you select the Contemporary style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with neutral foundation pieces and a larger focus on accessory pieces.

Contemporary design focuses on uncluttered spaces, organic accents, neutral textiles, and an emphasis on accents that enhance the space such as lighting fixtures.

contemporary style furniture


When you select the Traditional style, our team of professional interior designers and photo editors will work together to stage your photos with furniture and décor to create a harmonious and timeless design.

Traditional design focuses on consistency in creating a calm, orderly space. Furnishings will match and complement each other with a focus on symmetry. Usually dark and warm tones define the color pallet.

traditional style furniture

Living Rooms

The living room is considered the most important room to get virtually staged. It's the hub of the home—a place where family and friends gather and relax.

Show your buyers how the space can be styled by adding furniture, a coffee table, lighting fixtures, or other accessories.

living room after virtual staging

Dining Rooms

The dining room is another key room that buyers like to see staged. The furniture and décor used to stage a dining room can set the tone for they buyer's impression of the home, so it is important to get it done right.

living room after virtual staging


Bedrooms without furniture often look much smaller than they are—especially master bedrooms. Virtually adding furniture to these key rooms help turn lifeless rooms into stunning examples of how the space can be styled.

bedroom after virtual staging

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas are some of the hardest areas to visualize for buyers. Take this opportunity to add furniture or décor to these spaces to increase buyer interest and provide an example of just how these spaces can be utilized.

outdoor area after virtual staging

Sell at a higher price, sell faster, and increase your profit per deal

Whether it's a commercial or residential property, virtual staging edits put more dollars in your pocket.

Sell at a higher price - 83% of staged properties sell at asking price or above. Staged photos help buyers visualize how the property can be styled, increasing the perceived value of the property.

Sell faster - Homes that are staged sell 75% faster, on average. People begin their search online, and listing photos that stand out help you sell faster.

Increase your profit per deal - Virtual staging is a fraction of the cost of traditional staging. Use these cost-savings elsewhere or keep it as profit.

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Pros of Virtual Staging

It's fast

Physical staging can be time-consuming, taking an entire day or more to finish. Virtual staging, however, is much faster and is perfect for sellers who want to improve their property's appeal without expending considerable effort.

It's flexible

Virtual staging is not limited to a single design or style. You can try out different furniture and décor options to see what works best for your space. And if you change your mind later on, simply ask us to change the style and decor.

It's non-invasive

With virtual staging, there is no need to move around furniture or make any changes to your home. This means you can stage your home without worrying about damaging walls or floors.

It's cost-effective

The low cost of virtual staging enables you to choose from a wide range of styles and virtual furniture arrangements to find the perfect look.
Virtual staging is done digitally, so there's no need to rent or buy furniture, which saves you even more money.

The images are detailed and beautiful

In today's market, having beautiful images that showcase the best of your listing is a must. The best virtual staging can help you achieve this by creating detailed and realistic images of your home that potential buyers will love.

It's less realistic

While virtual staging can be look photorealistic, it's still not at the same level as taking photos of real furniture.

There's potential for errors

Virtual staging is still a new industry, which means that there are bound to be some errors. This can include incorrect measurements, poor lighting, or even using the wrong furniture for a particular space.

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Cons of Virtual Staging

realtor services

Create Stunning Listings

living room after virtual staging

Virtual Staging

Send us your vacant property photos and we'll send them back filled with furniture and decor.

$25 // photo

bedroom after object removal

Virtual Restaging

Turn a room with existing furniture into a newly styled space buyers will love.

$35 // photo

kitchen after virtual renovations

Virtual Renovations

Virtual renovations are perfect for reimagining how an existing space can be restyled.

$40 // photo

Vibrant front profile of brick two story house after Outdoor image enhancements for real estate agents

Outdoor Image Enhancements

Enhance your properties' outdoor image with green grass, blue skies, and removal of unwanted objects. Great for making winter photos look like they were taken in the summer.

$5 // photo

Light and vibrant bedroom with carpet and blinds after indoor image enhancements for real estate agents

Indoor Image Enhancements

Don't have access to a professional camera? No problem! With our image enhancement service, we can turn photos taken with a smartphone into professional-looking images.

$2 // photo

Backyard with pool, palm trees, outdoor bar, and red sky side profile after Day to Dusk for real estate agents

Day to Dusk

Showcase your property in a different light with our day to dusk edits. We'll take your photo and change the natural lighting from the property, and create a mood that your clients will love.

$5 // photo

Wall Changes

Give your property a fresh new look by changing the wall color or texture. Add feature walls, a different texture, change the color, or anything else you can imagine.

$7.5 // photo

living room before virtual staging

Floor Changes

Not happy with the flooring in your property? Add new flooring options to showcase your property's potential. We can add new floors or modify the existing floor (even outdoors!).

$7.5 // photo

bedroom before object removal

Object Removal

Removing clutter from your photos can help increase buyer interest. Whether you need a few small items removed, or want your currently occupied space to appear vacant, we can make it happen!

$1 // object

HDR Image Enhancements

If your photographer shoots bracketed shots, we can edit your images. We'll merge the interior and exterior shots and apply our image enhancement 13-point checklist to create the best looking image.

$5 // photo