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August 15, 2022

Virtual Staging Vs. Virtual Restaging: Which Option Is Best For You?

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When it comes to digitally enhancing listing photos, there are two main options: virtual staging and virtual restaging. Realtors use both approaches to show potential buyers a property's full potential before scheduling a viewing. However, there are differences between virtual staging and virtual restaging, and it's essential to know when to use each option!

Let's dive in:

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a cost-effective alternative to physical staging. It allows Realtors to take advantage of the latest advances in software and technology to add photorealistic furniture to their listing photos. Many Realtors are now using virtual staging to give interested buyers a vision of their potential home.

Vacant listing photos are digitally filled with warm and inviting furniture and décor, complimenting the structure and style of the home. The best virtual staging companies use advanced software and produce photorealistic results, resembling and enhancing the actual property.

Example of virtual staging

Virtual Restaging

A common problem in the real estate sector is showing occupied properties to potential buyers. The furniture and style of the current occupants may harm your listing's ability to generate potential buyers. Virtual restaging allows Realtors to remove unwanted objects and furniture and replace it with a different furniture style to showcase the home's full potential.

The existing furniture is digitally removed, turning the once-occupied room into a vacant space. After removing the unwanted furniture, the empty room is expertly staged with our designers' latest styles and trends.

Before virtual restaging
After virtual restaging

Virtual restaging is a great option to test out multiple furniture and styles to showcase a listing to various buyers. We can stage the same photo in numerous different ways depending on the seasons and styles desired. For example, a spare bedroom can be staged as a bedroom, home office, or nursery. Alternatively, a living room can be staged in both mid-century modern and traditional styles to highlight the home's versatility.

To learn more about how virtual staging or virtual restaging can help you generate more potential buyers, close deals faster, and sell for a higher price, check out the Ultimate Guide to Virtual Staging for 2022.

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