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August 15, 2022

3 Ways to Repurpose Virtually Staged Photos

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So you decided to move forward with virtual staging, and now you might be wondering how to maximize the edited photos you've paid for. Below are three ways you can repurpose your virtually staged photos:

1) Social Media

Social media is already frequently used by Realtors and agencies to spread the word and promote new listings. The virtually staged photos that are returned to you are owned by you and are yours to use however you want, including for use on social media. Virtually staged photos can be used to showcase the versatility of the property, to attract more potential buyers, or to boost post engagement.

The opportunities to share the virtually staged photos on social media are endless; you can make a post or create a graphic design template that highlights the staged photos. Other ideas to boost engagement with virtually staged photos are polls, stories, and highlight reels.

2) In-Person Showings

Virtually staged photos can attract a client's eye online, but when touring the vacant space in person, they might not be able to visualize the space staged. A common technique used by Realtors is to print out the virtually staged photos and have them on site. Potential buyers can then see the vacant space and envision their furniture, and themselves, in the home!

Two ideas for repurposing the staged photos on site:

  • Print out the virtually staged photos on poster board and have them on easels throughout the rooms. 
  • Create a brochure on the property using virtually staged photos for potential buyers to take home.

3) Marketing Portfolio

Securing potential clients can be challenging. However, highlighting your marketing portfolio can be the key to helping turn a maybe into a yes.

You can use virtually staged photos of past listings to highlight two things:

  1. You understand that a staged home sells 75% faster than an unstaged home and that 83% of staged homes sell at or above the asking price
  2. You pay for high-quality virtual staging to highlight the property at a fraction of the cost of physical staging, allowing the marketing budget to stretch further

To maximize the value of virtually staged photos, check out the Ultimate Guide to Virtual Staging for 2022.

How else have you repurposed your virtually staged photos? Let us know on Instagram.

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