Virtual Staging Tips
August 15, 2022

Bad Vs. Good Virtual Staging (With Examples)

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How often do you stage your listing before showing it to potential buyers?

If you don’t, you might want to consider adding virtual staging to your marketing strategy.

Virtual staging allows you to turn a vacant property into a beautifully staged home. This helps prospective buyers visualize their new space in a realistic way.

Virtual staging can also give you an edge over other real estate agents who don’t offer this service. The benefits include:

  • Better sales conversion rates
  • More leads generated
  • Less time spent on showings
  • Higher selling price

With so many virtual staging partners to choose from, you want to make sure that you pick a partner that can deliver the best photorealistic results. Below are two examples of what can cause bad virtual staging, and tips to help find the best virtual staging partner.

Example 1: Bad Software

It’s no secret that virtual staging relies on software to create staged photos. Two main software solutions are used, SketchUp and Autodesk 3DS Max, to edit the photos. Good quality virtual staging will be done with Autodesk 3DS mask. The virtually staged photos below compare both software solutions.

SketchUp Examples

Kitchen Staged Using SketchUp

Living Room Staged Using SketchUp

Autodesk 3DS Max Examples

Bedroom Staged Using 3DS Max
Living Room Staged Using 3DS Max

When comparing the photos above, it is clear that the Autodesk 3DS Max edits are more photorealistic. 

To avoid bad quality virtual staging, make sure you ask your virtual staging partner what software they use to edit the photos before ordering. The right virtual staging partner will use Autodesk 3DS Max and have no problem disclosing that information to you. 

Example 2: Limited Design Experience

Similar to traditional staging, design is a crucial part of virtual staging. An excellent virtual staging partner will have previous design experience and will turn your vacant home into a stunningly warm and vibrant space. 

An excellent virtual staging partner will provide staged photos that have:

  • Consistent color palettes and staging styles
  • Complementary decor
  • Cohesive furniture and textures 
  • Controlled lighting, shadows and reflections

A bad virtual staging partner will make the following staging mistakes:

  • Not take room and/or furniture dimensions into account, distorting the size of the listing
  • Use different color palettes or staging styles between rooms of the same listing
  • Add decor that distracts instead of compliments
  • Add lighting without adding reflection or shadows

Asking your preferred virtual staging partner how many years of experience they have is a great way to verify their skills and abilities. But, years of experience aren’t always everything. An excellent virtual staging partner will also have a portfolio to share with you for review before ordering. 

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